Revolutionizing Cardiac MRI Examinations: and HekaBio Announce Japan Partnership

PALO ALTO, Calif.Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, a pioneer in AI-assisted MRI solutions, and HekaBio K.K., a Japan-based healthcare investment, development and commercialization platform, have signed a strategic partnership agreement whereby HekaBio will market’s innovative One Click™ MRI in Japan.’s AI-enhanced One-click Workflow Optimization for Cardiac MRI

Cardiac MRI (CMR) is the gold standard for cardiac diagnosis, and according to the Oct 2021 guidelines from the American Heart Association (1), a Tier 1 imaging modality for the evaluation of stable angina. Currently, Japan boasts world’s highest MRI equipment per capita capable of performing cardiac MRI examinations. (2) However, complex CMR examinations, which are highly tailored to each individual patient, often require specialized technologists and substantial time investment. This has resulted in a relatively low adoption rate of this highly informative, non-invasive procedure.

The™ Solution

The FDA-cleared One Click™ MRI software elevates the standard of care for cardiac imaging. With One Click™ MRI, scanning is simple, time-efficient, highly consistent, and more comfortable for patients.

One Click™ MRI takes direct control of the existing MRI machine and performs a scan with only one mouse click. Using AI to automate localization, dynamic stress imaging, LV function and myocardial delayed enhancement, this solution intelligently adapts to each patient’s unique requirements ensuring high quality diagnostic imaging while significantly reducing the user interactions and time required for the procedure. As a result, hospitals and medical facilities utilizing One Click™ MRI can now offer CMR examinations with greater efficiency, creating a simpler, streamlined workflow and improving image consistency to allow the MR technologist to complete the cardiac scan in a regular mixed-use MR time slot.

Partnership and Plans for Launch in Japan

Under the agreement with, HekaBio has made an investment in the company and has committed to secure product registration through the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW). HekaBio will seek a distribution partnership for follow-on commercialization to maximize the market opportunity for One Click™ MRI. CEO Juan Santos commented, “We are excited to partner with HekaBio to bring our groundbreaking cardiac MRI technology to Japan. With the highest number of MRI machines per capita in the world, Japan has an enormous potential to increase the access to cardiac MRI exams. HekaBio’s deep understanding of the Japanese market makes them the ideal partner for us to achieve our goal of making cardiac MRI more accessible for patients in Japan.”

HekaBio CEO Robert E. Claar commented, “We’re thrilled to partner with to introduce One Click™ MRI to Japan. With CMR having low current penetration of cardiac examinations, this innovation opens a large opportunity. One Click™ MRI holds immense potential to enhance diagnosis and patient outcomes, aligning perfectly with our Cardiology focus. This collaboration reflects Japan’s drive for AI-powered solutions, championing efficiency and healthcare advancement.”

(1) Writing Committee Members, & ACC/AHA Joint Committee Members (2022). 2022 AHA/ACC/HFSA Guideline for the Management of Heart Failure. Journal of cardiac failure, 28(5), e1–e167.
(2) OECD Data 2022Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) units

About is a California-based software firm delivering cutting-edge solutions for MRI. One Click™ MRI is an AI-driven, one-click MRI solution that generates high-quality heart images, automates the entire exam with one click, improves image consistency and creates a simpler, more efficient workflow so the MR technologist can finish the cardiac scan in a regular mixed-use MRI time slot.

About HekaBio K.K.
HekaBio is a Japan-based healthcare investment, development and commercialization platform advancing a synergistic portfolio of breakthrough diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology and Ophthalmology.

HekaBio offers global healthcare technology innovators value-enhancing access to Japan, the world’s third largest market and strategic gateway to the rest of Asia. Contact:
Jason He

HekaBio Contact:
Mari Tanaka, Corporate Communications 


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