is here to make MRI technology available to everyone. develops One Click MRITM, AI-guided software that automates MRI exams so any clinician can perform scans quickly, accurately, and affordably. While our initial goal with One Click MRI was to address pent up demand for cardiac MRIs (CMRs), our team plans to adapt and apply the technology to other MRI challenges and medical issues.

COMPANY TIMELINE’s seeds were planted at Stanford University’s Magnetic Resonance Systems Research Laboratory (MRSRL) where Drs. Juan Santos and William Overall studied and researched applications of real-time MRI. In 2012, they joined forces with renowned Stanford cardiologist and professor at MRSRL, Dr. Bob Hu, to found HeartVista. Together they started developing software, eventually guided by AI algorithms, with a specific aim of improving the efficiency and consistency of CMR exams. 

In June 2019 HeartVista brought in Itamar Kandel as CEO to start commercializing the software, and shortly thereafter added Silicon Valley luminary Mark Leslie to its Board of Directors. Since then HeartVista has received multiple FDA 510(k) Clearances on Siemens Healthineers and GE Healthcare MRI scanners and announced Stanford Healthcare as its first marquee customer, quickly followed by other leading U.S. hospitals.

While HeartVista is focused on scaling up its cardiac business in 2023, in the near future the company will broaden its offering to include MRI scans for other anatomies. In anticipation of this expansion HeartVista rebranded to in November 2022.

company TIMELINE

Leadership Team

Juan Santos

Chief Executive Officer + Co-Founder

Stanford University, PhD Electrical Engineering Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
BS/MS Electrical Engineering

Bob Hu

Chief Medical Officer + Co-Founder

Cardiologist at Sutter Health
Stanford Medicine MD

William Overall

Chief Technology Officer + Co-Founder

Stanford University MS/PhD Electrical Engineering
Duke University. BS Biomedical & Electrical Engineering

Board of Directors

Mark Leslie

Leslie Ventures. Stanford GSB. Stanford Health Care. NYU. Investor in Frontier Technology. Many Boards of High Tech Companies.

Bruce Armstrong

Operating Partner @ Khosla Ventures

Medical Advisors

Gary E. Gold, MD

Stanford Medicine Interim Chair of Radiology

Scott B. Reeder, MD

University of Wisconsin–Madison Vice Chair of Research H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellow Chief of MRI

Shreyas Vasanawala, MD, PhD

Stanford Medicine Associate Chair of Radiology Division Chief of Pediatric Radiology Professor of Pediatric Radiology

Dwight Nishimura, PhD

Stanford University Professor of Electrical Engineering

John Pauly, PhD.

Stanford University Professor of Electrical Engineering

The Heart is just a start

The heart is at the center of it all and it’s the most complex anatomy to image, but for, it’s just the beginning.