Automate your MRI exams using One Click MRI

Any MRI tech can do cardiac MRIs in your standard MRI time slot with’sTM automation software

MRI technology is transformational but underutilized

Cardiac MRIs (CMRs) are the gold standard of cardiac diagnostics.

Study after study shows the value of CMR in diagnosing a wide range of cardiac disorders without requiring an invasive procedure or exposing a patient to radiation.


AHA’s October 2021 guidelines recategorized CMR as a Tier 1 diagnostic for patients indicated with stable angina.


CMRs are challenging to perform

They have an intricate, complex workflow

They require highly skilled, trained technologists, who are short in supply.​
They are unpredictably long, and therefore difficult to schedule is a One Click MRI Solution’s One Click MRITM is an automated, software-only platform that greatly simplifies a CMR exam, enabling hospitals to increase throughput for existing scanners and/or get a CMR program off the ground cost-effectively.

One Click can help by

Empowering any MRI tech to do a CMR exam

Allowing CMRs to fit into your mixed-use scanner standard time slot

Making scans less stressful for the technologist

Giving patients greater comfort and convenience

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