Makes MRI Scanning as Easy as One Click

Our AI-driven software plans an exam in seconds and replaces hundreds of manual manipulations and interventions with the click of a mouse. So we aptly named it One Click MRITM

why start with the heart?

CMRs are underutilized and inaccessible to a large share of the population.

They are complex, require specialized skills, and take 2-3 times longer than a standard MRI exam. 700,000 people in the U.S. (20%) die of heart disease each year yet CMRs account for only 2% of MRI scans in the country.

The problem is getting worse.

Radiology is in top 5 list of specialties with highest burnout rate.

There is a dire shortage of trained MRI techs (1 for every 20 scanners) and COVID worsened the imbalance between heatlhcare professional and patients needing treatment.

how works

Current CMR workflows are complicated and labor intensive

One Click MRI is a software-only platform that directly controls MRI scanners and gives clinicians the tools to acquire diagnostic-level images through a workflow efficient interface, thereby enabling low-stress patient scans in less time.

"’s cardiac package is a vital tool to enhance the consistency and productivity of cardiac magnetic resonance studies, across all levels of CMR expertise. "

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Want to learn more?

Download our one-pager and/or get in touch with us to learn how One Click MRI can help your practice achieve your specific objectives, such as: 

  • Increasing CMR volume and clearing patient backlogs
  • Getting a CMR program off the ground
  • Shifting patients from other modalities to CMR
  • Booking CMR patients interchangeably in a mixed-use MRI schedule

What else is in store?

One Click MRI with HeartVista has received FDA 510(k) premarket notification clearances. Features and capabilities beyond CMR have not been evaluated by FDA, and as-such are currently Works-in-Progress.