RTHawk Research

Get the operating system and GUI-based design tools you need to quickly create and run your own imaging applications. 

Produce world-class research
results in record time

Use the same AI-driven engine as One-Click MRI
to turbocharge your research

Unify Your Research with Clinical Workflow

Create Pulse Sequences

Implement Advance Reconstructions

Integrate 3rd Party Devices and Multinuclear Imaging

Integrate Deep Learning Algorithms

Seamlessly integrate research scans with clinical workflow in a unified protocol and one-click interface
Throughput is important, but your research is too. Get both by integrating research scans into our one-click workflow, with integrated reconstruction and real-time feedback

Graphical pulse sequence design

Pulse sequences are designed in SpinBench™, a GUI-based design tool. Rapidly create complex sequences from an extensive library of building blocks, or code your own blocks to implement your unique contribution while leveraging inbuilt blocks for all the rest.

Once graphically coded, drop the sequence into RTHawk Research and watch it play on the scanner.

Advanced reconstruction

When you’re developing advanced reconstruction pipelines, you need powerful building blocks. RTHawk Research’s reconstruction engine is data-driven and processes the data stream in real-time. 

NUFFT, Parallel Imaging algorithms, deblurring, and MRI-adapted machine-learning algorithms are all available out of the box.

Integrated MRI simulation

Fully featured scanner simulators let you design and test new applications without wasting valuable MRI scanner time.

Success stories

Leading institutions like Stanford, UCSF, USC, Wisconsin, and University of Toronto Sunnybrook are using RTHawk Research to develop apps that support a broad range of MRI research initiatives.
MR-guided EP Ablation
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
MR-guided Convection Enhanced Delivery
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Real-time Analysis of Movement
Stanford University
Catheter Tracking
Stanford University
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