Why do we do what we do?

The heart, in all its grandeur and sophistication, lies at the center of everything we are and what we do. It is our DNA. When we set out to make MRI scans easier and more accessible to the healthcare ecosystem, there was never a question which anatomy would be our first, so we went straight for the heart.

A major challenge in healthcare is making the latest technological advances broadly available to improve the practice of medicine and patient care across dispersed and diverse populations. Advanced medical imaging is no exception. For far too long, bringing cardiac MRI (CMR) to those who can benefit most has been complicated.

Increasing evidence supports CMR as a gold standard of cardiac care but exams are lengthy and costly, experienced techs are in short supply, and training is labor intensive.

The simple truth is: everyone should have access. Without it, providers suffer and patients suffer more. This is why Vista.ai exists. We are here to make CMRs everywhere, to bring it to Cardiology and Radiology departments who, until today, could not offer this gold standard of cardiac care.