Machine Learning/Computer Vision Engineer

Join us as we shape the future of MRI scanning. MRI is a powerful tool for visual analysis of the human body, but its potential is not realized, because of the difficulties of running a scanner. Our FDA-cleared platform provides automation to simplify the scanning process while increasing throughput and consistency.

We are looking for a Machine Learning/Computer Vision Engineer to join our small but growing team. Together we will define the algorithms used for automated MRI data-collection workflows that could revolutionize MRI.

Job Summary

In this role, the successful applicant will:

      • Build state-of-the-art machine-learning models that assist the user in collecting and analyzing MRI data
      • Develop strategies for working with a large and growing database of clinical medical image data
      • Implement reusable abstractions for applying machine learning to MRI data collection and analysis
      • Validate and optimize models and their parameters, including error estimation
      • Identify new opportunities for applying learning techniques within our unique platform

      • Interact with customers and external researchers via presentations and publications


      • Excellent interpersonal, technical writing, and communication skills

      • Collaborative and a self-motivated problem solver

      • Strong grasp of various machine learning/statistical modeling techniques and data analysis tools

      • Strong experience with Python

      • Experience with image processing and analysis

    Desired Characteristics

      • Ph.D. or M.S. with 2+ years experience working in industry in a related field

      • Experience with MRI image analysis
      • Experience with software development processes in a regulated industry